I have a mobile number from another provider. Can I switch to Lemontel and keep my old number?
Yes! Under the Mobile number portability regulations that apply in the E.U all mobile service providers are forced to allow their customers to move their current number to another provider if they wish to. This applies to post paid and prepaid customers.The only temporary exception is if you are under contract with another company (i.e. if you have signed a 12 month contract) then you have to wait until your contract is expired. After that you can move your number to us.

How do I transfer my existing mobile number to Lemontel?
To transfer your existing mobile number to Lemontel you need to fill up a Mobile Number Portability form. You can find this form by calling our customer service and we will send it to you. Then you have to fill it up and send it to us together with a copy of your ID or passport if you are a foreign citizen.

Should I cancel my existing service before porting my mobile number to Lemontel?
No. Your number must remain active. Canceling your service prior to porting will prevent you from keeping your number.

How long will it take to port my number?
Mobile number portability usually takes 2 working days from the day we will receive the form unless there is some other issue with your current mobile service provider (i.e you might have unsettled bills or you are still under contract). Usually if there is some issue your existing provider will inform you and us about it.

Is there a charge for transferring my Number to Lemontel?
No there is no charge for transferring your number to Lemontel.